Fine natural hemp canvas

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Fine dew retted canvas in natural colour

100% hemp fabric for accessories, furniture and technical applications
This extraordinary fabric is woven in a simple plain weave from 100% hemp. The somewhat irregular yarns give the fabric some relief and a tough look. Through use, this hemp textile only becomes softer. The fabric is undyed and unbleached. The colour is determined by the influence of the sun, soil and rain during the process of retting.

  • 100% hemp
  • dew retted
  • natural colour

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers available. It feels nice, can be worn directly on the skin, has good anti-bacterial and UV-resistant properties and is 100% biodegradable. Because it is a fiber that contains little air and has relatively little insulating properties, hemp always feels cool. Hemp has a high moisture-absorbing capacity and also easily releases the moisture to the outside air.

Origin of the material
The hemp is grown China and is also spun and woven there.

Hemp is a relatively easy to grow plant, which has hardly any natural enemies and does not need much water. The plant is therefore cultivated almost everywhere without using herbicides or insecticides. Hemp grows fast and doesn't give weeds the possibility to develop.

Fabric specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% hemp
WIDTH: 150 cm
WEIGHT: 410 gr/m2
SHRINKAGE: ±6/5% (warp/weft)



Composition: 100% hemp
Weight: 210 gr/m2
Colour: natural
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