Pied de poule from organic linen and organic wool

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ET_IW031_1 navy-white
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Fine navy-white pied de poule from organic linen and organic wool

Pied de poule from organic linen and organic wool. Perfect for e.g. jackets, dresses, skirts
This fabric, woven in a classical pied de poule (chicken leg) design has been created with the highest quality organic linen (57%) and organic wool (43%). The composition gives this fabric a lovely soft touch, a nice structure and ensures that it will feel comfortable at almost every temperature. A very elegant and durable woven blend, perfect for creating both formal and leisure wear of superior quality. View all organic wool fabrics here.

  • 100% certified organic fibres
  • superior blend
  • evergreen

Please note: limited stock. Only sampling.

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Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_IW031_1 navy-white
COMPOSITION: 57/43% organic linen/organic wool
WIDTH: 150 cm
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 160
SHRINKAGE AFTER STEAMING: ±1,2% in warp and weft

The fabrics from organic linen and organic wool







Clothing comfort
The combination of linen and wool is very comfortable in every season. The effect of the light weight ‘cool wool’ that can be worn all year round is enhanced by the linen, that always feels fresh. Despite the fact that this fabric contains a high percentage of linen (57%) the creasing is limited because of the natural elasticity of the wool.

The GOTS certification means that the wool comes from organic sheep farming and that it is not chemically treated. Organic sheep farming is animal-friendly and prohibits the practice of mulesing. For the organic flax it means that no harmful pesticides have been used in growing the fibres. The certification is also your guarantee that throughout the entire production process the highest social and ecological standards were observed. This includes the dyeing process. The navyblue and white colours yarns have been obtained only by using eco-friendly oxygen bleaching and skin-friendly dyes, permitted in the GOTS standard.

Origin of the fibres
The wool is South-American merino wool. Mulesing is never practiced on this continent because the blow flie strikes that have led to this practice in Australia are not found here.
The organic flax is grown in the EU.

Composition: 57/43% organic linen/organic wool
Weight: 160 gr/m2
Colour: navy-white