European hemp jersey

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Single jersey of European hemp in ivory colour

A supple offwhite jersey made from 100% hemp, grown and knitted in the EU. With it's weight of 330 gr/m2 it has a nice drape and luster and enough body to be used for tops and light sweaters. Great for summer nights, spring and fall seasonal wear.
Hemp does not enclose much air and has relatively poor insulation properties. In this it resembles linen: hemp fabrics feel fresh and cool, a distinct advantage for summer clothing. In addition hemp is highly absorbent, it takes up water rapidly and also releases it quickly. On hot days this helps in regulating the microclimate between body and clothing.
Hemp is well supported when worn directly on the skin. This knitted fabric doesn't crinkle as much as woven fabrics made from hemp.

  • High quality natural fibers
  • 100% European origin
  • soft on the skin

Fabric specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% hemp
WIDTH: 100 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 330

A sample of this fabric (the quality, not necessarily the colour) is included in our samples set of knitted hemp fabrics and the ET_H079 colour range samples set

Compositionl: 100% hemp
Weight: 330 gr/m2
Colour: offwhite