Darkblue fabric of organic GOTS wool twill weave

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Dark blue twill of organic wool - GOTS certified

Dark blue twill weave from organic, GOTS certified merino wool with a great drape. The fabric feels a little bit dry, and is suitable for elegant gender neutral suits. The origin of this wool is South-America, the process of spinning, weaving and finishing took place in Italy. View all organic wool fabrics here.

  • Organic wool, GOTS certified
  • Very fine merino yarns
  • For luxury clothing

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_IW03_darkblue
COMPOSITION: 100% organic wool
WIDTH: 150 cm.
SHRINKAGE (AFTER STEAMING): 1,5% in the warp direction, 1,2 in the weft

This fabric (the quality, not necessarily the colour) is included in our sample set of woven organic wool fabrics

The GOTS certification means that the wool comes from organic sheep farming and that it is not chemically treated. Organic sheep farming is animal-friendly and prohibits the practice of mulesing. The certification is also your guarantee that throughout the entire production process the highest social and ecological standards were observed. This includes the dyeing process. The dark blue colour is obtained only by using eco-friendly and skin-friendly dyes, permitted in the GOTS standard.
Weight: 170 g/m2
Width: 150 cm
Colour: Dark Blue
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