Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline

Ecological Textiles
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Transparent woolen mousseline, dyed with weld (Reseda 5%)


This is one of the fabrics in our Tinctorial Textiles range. Tinctorial Textiles consists of a pallet of thirteen colours on semi translucent wool. All these colours have been obtained by dyeing with natural dyes, derived from three plants: madder root ''Rubia Tinctorium'' for the reddish hues, ''Isatis Tinctoria'' (woad) for the blueish hues and ''Reseda Luteola'' (weld) for the yellowish hues. All dyes are purely applied in different concentrations to achieve more variations in colour. New shades are created by over-dyeing the fabric with two dyes resulting in greens, purples and oranges.

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Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 110 g/m
Width: 140 cm
Shrinkage: +/-1%
Collection: Ecological Textiles
Minimum order quantity: 5 m
Delivery: FOB
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