Ecological Textiles only produces GOTS certified cotton. This means amongst other things that the raw fiber is of organic origin, that no herbicides or insecticides were used on the fields, that no GMO was applied, and that strict social standards were followed (fair trade, no children’s labour, healthy conditions for the workers on the fields and in the factories). It also means that that no harmful chemicals were used in the entire production chain, that the fabrics were finished conform the GOTS rules (for exemple no chlorine bleaching), only applying eco friendly dyes or printing inks etc.

Cotton is a gift to mankind. Its softness, fineness, strength, pleasant handle, insulating properties and moisture absorbing properties make it an ideal natural fibre for apparel or interior design. In this section of the Ecological Textiles webshop, you will find sustainable fabrics of woven organic cotton running from very fine batistes and voiles, to sturdy gabardines, shiny satins and lightweight poplins.

Ecological Textiles produces woven and knitted fabrics of organic cotton in Turkey. This means that the fabrics are produced following our specs, in factories with which we have a long and stable working relation. Cotton is grown in many parts of the world, so why do we produce in Turkey?

1) We primarily choose to work with the so called Aegean cotton because of it’s high quality. Aegean organic cotton is grown in the western and southern districts close to the Aegean Sea and has specific characteristics, such as its long fiber length and it’s high spinnability. It is famous for it’s beautiful colour and softness, and is known to be one of the best qualities in the world.

2) Turkish organic cotton is guaranteed to be GMO-free, because the Turkish Biosafety Law forbids GMO in the country. Consequently there have been no scandals involving traces of GMO on organic cotton in Turkey (in sharp contrast with India).

3) Turkey is the world’s second largest producer of organic cotton and has a big manufacturing industry. In Turkey itself this offers proximity of raw material to textile processing. For us, the proximity to Europe also reduces transportation and results in a lower carbon footprint.

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