waxed fabrics

Wax impregnated cotton originated in the sailing industry. For centuries, sailors have been aware that wet sails are stronger than dry sails and have impregnated their sails with fish oil, and later with linseed oil and paraffin. As a side effect, impregnated cotton turned out to be waterproof.
Ecological Textiles developed its own variety of wax impregnated fabrics, combining organic linen and organic cotton with beeswax.

Beeswax impregnated organic linen

Waxed organic linen

Beeswaxed hemp and wool indigo

Beeswaxed hemp and wool natural

Fine beige waxed poplin

Fine black waxed poplin

Fine green waxed poplin

Fine natural waxed poplin

Beeswaxed satin weave

Beige beeswaxed medium twill

Black beeswaxed medium twill

Navy beeswaxed medium twill

Black beeswaxed gabardine

Green beeswaxed gabardine

Fine waxed canvas

Waxed twill 8 oz, dry

Waxed poplin fine, dry

Waxed fine hemp canvas

Beeswaxed chambray organic cotton

Temporarily sold out

Natural beeswaxed canvas

Beeswaxed heavy hemp canvas

Waxed panama linen, strenghtened, with lining

Waxed panama cotton with backing