velour FROM organic cotton

This velour, also called nicky velour, is made from a knitted fabric of plated loops. In a later stage these loops are cut and sheared which gives the fabric a smooth and very soft, velvet-like surface. Velour is mostly used for leisure wear (sweaters), children’s wear and toys.

Offwhite nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Natural nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

New colour

Light blue nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Blue nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Green nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Mauve nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Dark grey nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Black nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

All our velour fabrics are GOTS certified. Ecological Textiles only produces cotton fabrics that are made from certified organic origin. This means that no herbicides or insecticides were used on the fields and that no GMO was applied. The GOTS certificate is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals were used in the entire production chain, that strict social standards were followed (fair trade, no child labour, healthy working conditions). In short: GOTS guarantees that the highest ecological and social standards were followed.

Like all our other organic fabrics the velour is made in Turkey, in factories with which we have a long and stable working relation. Only the superb so called Aegean organic cotton is used, which is grown in the districts close to the Aegean sea and that is famous for it's long fiber length, good spinnability, softness and beautiful colour. The is also were the knitting mill is situated. The proximity of raw material and the mill where the cotton is processed results in a lower carbon footprint. The fabrics are transported by truck to our warehouse.

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