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For a very long time hemp fabrics almost disappeared and couldn't be obtained. But now this material, that was once considered to be one of the most useful, seems to be working on a strong come-back. We offer both pure, 100% hemp fabrics as well as blends with organic cotton and tencel, woven and knitted, European and Chinese.


Organic cotton wovens and jerseys


Hemp fabrics and jerseys


Organic linen fabrics and jerseys


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Organic silk woven fabrics and jerseys


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Beeswaxed organic fabrics


Natural and organic wool woven, yarns and jerseys


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Organic fabrics and yarns: Eco, fair, good for us, good for our planet

Ecological Textiles is a GOTS certified company. Read more about what this means for your company.

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Ecological Textiles only works with natural materials, many of which are GOTS certified. Read more about these materials... 


Since 2005 Ecological Textiles offers a wide range in fabrics, fibres, yarns and dyes that are manufactured and processed in a sustainable way. In our view ‘sustainable’ means above all that it has been made of natural fibers, where possible from organic farming. So if you’re looking for fabrics, yarns or even fibres that are made from organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen or silk, you’re at the right spot.

Our main focus is on fabrics for the fashion industry, but this site also presents fabrics that are suitable for interior design, curtains and bags. Our naturally dyed woolen fabrics have not only been used by fashion designers but also in fancy restaurants, our hemp/organic cotton blends were applied in shirts and trousers but one can find the heavier hemp fabrics in bags or curtains, even in sails and tents. The possibilities are endless.

All our cottons fabrics (woven and knitted) are produced in Turkey, conform our specs, in factories with which we have developed a close working relation. For us (based in the Netherlands) Turkey is not only the nearest cotton producing country (thus reducing the footprint of transport), it is also a country where GMO has never been an issue and where (most important) the cotton is of excellent quality.

Ecological Textiles is a GOTS-certified company. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a certification that stands for ecology and social responsibility. The standard is your best assurance that the raw materials from which fabrics or yarns were made, really are organic and that strict rules concerning eco friendly production have been followed along the whole production chain. An article can only be certified when the GOTS standard was followed in all previous steps in the production chain. Because Ecological Textiles is a GOTS certified company, this gives our customers the possibility of making GOTS certified garments themselves, provided of course that their companies are certified as well.

Even though we applaud the GOTS standard and are certified company, not all the natural materials that are offered on this website are produced conform the GOTS standard. This is mostly because some fabrics, yarns are almost impossible to obtain in an organic quality (for instance hemp). Sometimes a specific article that we like is not certified as organic. In these cases we choose for the inherent and sometimes unique properties of the fiber or the quality of the material. Every fabric and every yarn on this site has its own story.


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